To be a leading, world class centre of excellence for teaching, research and innovation in all fields of Science and Technology


To provide, through innovative teaching and research, science and technology education aimed at producing a new generation of highly motivated, competent, skillful and innovative professionals and scientists with a burning desire to tackle Africa’s developmental challenges. Consequently, the College strives to generate and provide high quality and high-tech knowledge in a student-friendly environment for the purpose of producing well-prepared leaders of tomorrow.


The philosophy of the College derives from the fact that today’s knowledge economy requires a multi-disciplinary, IT-driven approach with scientists and professionals from different disciplines connecting and collaborating in the deployment of a wide range of skills and knowledge to provide solutions to societal problems. Situated in a Christian mission University, the College is committed to the goals of learning and faith – learning as both the means to and the result of dogged scholarship; and faith as the personal appropriation of truth for godly living.

  • DEAN


It is with great delight and gratitude to God that I welcome you to the College of Science and Technology (CST) comprising Departments of Architecture, Building Technology, Estate Management, Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer and Information Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics.

Each of the Departments has articulated its specific mission and objectives as well as the specifics of its academic programmes in line with the vision and mission of the College. A total of eleven academic programmes are offered by the eight Departments in the College. All the programmes were crafted with a view to producing job-ready graduates in science and technology with appropriate IT skills and capacity for independent thinking, creativeness and resourcefulness. The curricula of the programmes are unique, robust, current and comparable to the best in the world. They are designed not only to meet and surpass the basic academic standards prescribed by regulatory authorities in Nigeria but...